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The invention of pocket watches and later wristwatches gave everybody the possibility to check on the time anywhere and thus plan activities accordingly. The Apple Watch now adds a further interpretation to the measuring of time. Coming with a design language that is inspired by traditional watchmaking, it features an innovative interface that enables users to customise the watch by allowing them to choose between different, more personal watch faces. Users can thus configure the interface in the style of a classic chronograph, for instance, or opt for a more playful display such as a fluttering butterfly. Both the interface and the housing of the Apple Watch have been created and perfectly matched specifically for such a small device. A digital crown makes navigating the watch highly intuitive and amazes users with its versatility and many possibilities. The innovative Force Touch display is extremely sensitive and recognises even the lightest touch. Another exciting experience is how it senses the difference between a tap and a press, as the Taptic Engine enables a new vocabulary of both acoustic and sensory notifications and responses. Offering a myriad of new interactive possibilities, the Apple Watch also allows extensive customising such as the material used for the wristband or the enclosure, ranging from stainless steel to a model in gold – for a new way of experiencing time.

Statement by the Jury

The Apple Watch convinces with a new concept of a timepiece that distinguishes itself fundamentally from other smartwatches. In a fascinating manner it bridges the gap between the worlds of digital computer and traditional watch design. With its perfect design down to the last detail, the watch delivers a high degree of precision and the experience of an innovative interface that offers users a myriad of different customisable configurations.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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