Archetype System-01

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Archetype is defining a new genre by outfitting individuals to protect them from the elements of their external environment. System-01 was conceived in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic, with the goal of providing better protection for travellers as borders reopen. These garments have also been designed with modularity in mind, allowing add-ons for new items to further enhance the individual’s protection. Archetype’s wearable products include numerous travel and safety features, such as anti-theft pockets, a detachable snood with replaceable filters, and concealed storage for other necessities. These items are made with advanced materials like graphene, copper ions, and titanium dioxide to provide the wearer with antiviral and antibacterial protection. The antiviral property is activated by a photocatalytic reaction (via sunlight) that degrades viruses into harmless water and carbon dioxide. The graphene fibre used in the designs is also known to improve blood circulation when worn. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Fashion and Accessories | Ready to Launch

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