Artery - Portable Infusion Set For Emergency Rescue

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Artery – Portable Infusion Set provides an alternative solution to an infusion stand during emergency situations. To administer the fluid, simply turn on the power to activate the micro air pump. This air pump steadily inflates the elastic airbag, which then squeezes the infusion bag to deliver the medication in fluid form into the human body. The balloon’s expansion range is large enough to cover the entire infusion tank, and the pressure inside the balloon is monitored in real time. When the pressure indicator has not changed for 1–2 minutes, it means that all of the liquid medicine in the infusion bag has been used up. The system will then execute the ‘infusion completed’ command, turn off the power supply to the micro air pump, and send a notification to the medical staff. The system also includes additional operations that a disposable infusion set would not normally perform: [1] Quantitative Infusion System. [2] Abnormal flow rate alarm. [3] Constant temperature system. [4] Visual system. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Life Science

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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