Ascender Tethering System

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The Ascender Tethering System adapts to each stage of working aloft: ground level preparation, climbing, and finally working. When preparing, the tool bag can be laid flat, making it easier to load with the necessary tools. It can then be rolled up into a compact cylinder for safe and efficient climbing. Upon reaching the work area, the tool bag can be unrolled and suspended from scaffolding or other structures to provide an overview of all the tools for easy access. The tool bag includes a retractor that stores the tether when not in use, allowing a climber to carry as many tethers as needed without risk of entanglement. A dual button system separates the extension and retraction of the tether to prevent accidental retraction. To create a seamless workflow, the system uses two different carabiners to bridge the gap between the tool bag and the retractor—one permanently attached to the tether and the other to the tool. In addition, the elongated carabiner makes handling and clipping easy even when wearing thick work gloves. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Safety and Protection

Red Dot

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