Malaika - Slum Home Security System

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Nearly a billion people in the world live in slums, and these communities are constantly exposed to the high risk of fire. In such highly densely populated areas, homes have narrow set-up’s, light housing materials and a lack of water supplies which would cause a fire to get out of control very quickly.   Malaika is designed as a system providing a product, a service and a business model that goes hand-in-hand to create multiple safety features for this vulnerable community. Malaika functions as a smoke detector, an access alert and a manual panic alarm, in case an assault happens. The product is serviced by a monthly safety subscription supervised by a local ‘safety warden’ who is also a selected member of the community. Malaika not only protects and keeps the most vulnerable members of the community safe, it also provides homes and families with something as simple as an address, thereby giving dignity to the people. Malaika builds the self-esteem of an entire community from within, increases safety and leads to more trust in slum communities. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Protection

Red Dot

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