Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine

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This automatic pour-over brewing machine combines three functions: water boiling, pour-over coffee, and immersion extraction. It has a rotary spout that simulates the process of making a perfect cup of pour-over coffee. The coffee and water are immersed in the funnel, resulting in a more efficient extraction of the coffee in a shorter period of time. With a clear and concise control panel, a geometric design, and consistent colour scheme, the overall style is simple and atmospheric. The coffee machine’s smart operating system requires little learning. With its clear and concise control panel, the user only has to set the preferred coffee weight, water volume, coffee strength, and brewing time to brew a cup of coffee quickly. A moderate amount of ground coffee is placed in the funnel, which is then attached to the main body. The water then heats to a suitable temperature for immersion. When the optimal brewing time is reached, the extraction starts in the manner of pour-over coffee, opening the anti-drip valve to release perfectly brewed coffee into the cup. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Culinary and Kitchen

Red Dot

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