Bamboo: Weaving Tool And Design

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Bamboo is primarily used for the traditional craft of bamboo weaving, which is difficult to industrialise and thus difficult to translate into products in modern life. This design looks into the possibility of industrialising bamboo weaving by analysing and improving the traditional crafting method in the hopes of reviving traditional craftsmanship. To break the traditional mould of bamboo weaving, a modular design is used instead of the traditional 2D-to-3D weaving method. The weaving tool is used to create detachable woven units, which are then combined to create various 2D or 3D forms for various furniture or home objects. In this way, bamboo weaving techniques have been innovated and integrated to simplify the traditional craft and lower the difficulty of handwork. The project hopes to develop more flexible weaving tools in the future in order to revive traditional crafts and materials while maximising the potential of this environmentally friendly material. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interior Design Elements

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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