Barrisol – Lovegrove Manta

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Organic forms occurring in nature, such as the shape of jellyfish floating gently in the water, fascinate observers with their exuberant, almost voluptuous beauty and plasticity. The design of the Manta lamp was inspired by such natural forms, transforming this association into an object with a mysteriously floating appearance. The lamp, by designer Ross Lovegrove, was developed as part of an installation for Barrisol, a manufacturer of lighting and suspended ceilings. As intended by the designer, this installation enters new aesthetic territory somewhere between deep ocean and space, forming a “dialogue for the 21st century between aquatic biomorphism and NASA-like intelligent systems”. The unique, organic appearance of the lamp is based on a filigree aluminium frame featuring a stretched translucent membrane, a material that Barrisol otherwise commonly uses for ceiling constructions. Thus given a new form, the material shows its particular qualities: a soft appearance spreads a beautiful and atmospheric light. The lamp is illuminated by LEDs integrated into the curved aluminium profile. The Manta lamp is easy to install and transforms the interior into a cosmos of natural appearance – with structure, material and light entering into a continuous dialogue.

Statement by the Jury

The Manta lamp, with its organic design, transforms into an object of floating appearance in the room. It realises a unique symbiosis between material and form, embodying a fascinating visual experience. Used in a different context here, the foil material otherwise employed in interiors develops extraordinary qualities. This impressive lamp interacts with the observers, challenging them with its three-dimensional plasticity and sensuousness.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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