Range of Frying Pans

BK Infinity

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Inspired by professional French cookware, this range of frying pans uses high-quality materials and is made in a particularly sophisticated manufacturing process: in order to ensure lasting scratch resistance, the pans are hardened by titanium particles, applied onto the surface by plasma spraying. In addition, they feature a Teflon coating, which guarantees good non-stick properties. The 6.4 mm thick base of the pans is reinforced with a full steel bottom, which optimises the heat transfer. The special shape of the handle makes the pans stackable.

Statement by the Jury

Showcasing a distinctive design vocabulary, this range of frying pans impresses with the use of robust materials paired with comfortable handling.

  • Manufacturer:
    BK Cookware BV, Delft, Netherlands
  • In-house design:
    Nadia Bartels-Wijstma