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The Vietnamese food delivery service Baemin was looking for a way to stand out in a saturated market. The idea for the brand communication centres on brilliant copywriting. The aim was therefore to give the various headlines the greatest possible impact. The Vietnamese language is characterised by a large number of unique diacritical marks – these are small characters such as dots, dashes, ticks or arches that appear on, above or below individual letters. These marks are characterised by the fact that they usually double the height of the accent and therefore require a greater leading space. In contrast, in the typography designed by BM Daniel for Baemin, all characters and glyphs are optimised to be within the baseline and upper cap line. This not only allows these diacritical marks to be stacked, but also to fit within the tight line spacing, which in turn means that the font can be set bigger and bolder. The result is a brand whose visual identity – whether on banners, clothing, packaging or digital media – is conveyed through the typeface alone.

Statement by the Jury

The BM Daniel typeface has emerged as something quite special: instead of adding the diacritical marks common in Vietnamese above otherwise uniformly designed letters, the font reduces the cap height of individual letters for the space needed so that the marks can all sit between the baseline and the letter height. This makes the typeface look lively and the letters seem to dance. Thanks to this fantastic idea and its playful implementation, Baemin evokes a distinctly independent and extremely versatile identity.

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