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Brick Imagination

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The “Brick Imagination” advertising videos by company Röben Tonbaustoffe stage the creative latitude offered by brick architecture in an unusual way. Everything literally revolves around the leading motto “You’ve got the idea. We’ve got the brick.” The campaign plays with changes of perspectives and optical illusions. At the same time, it focuses on the creative process and stimulates the imagination to try unusual perspectives and stimulate an awareness of a second glance. Irritating at first sight, the various videos invite viewers to watch them at least twice to understand that they have to change the perspective in order to realise where up or down is. The visual message reads as follows: “If you are able to imagine it, you are even able to build it” – with the product diversity offered by the company. Self-evidently, the product itself plays the main role in the setting of illusion. The campaign has run on all social media channels, backed up by a landing page with further information on the company’s products.

Statement by the Jury

These online films succeed to outstanding effect in combining the three elements of sound, image and message. Viewers only gradually understand that they have to change their perspective to literally experience a “wow” effect. The sound design with the tumbling bricks as the company’s sound logo is absolutely consistent and ingeniously implemented.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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