Buick Electra

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The overall shape of the Buick Electra is inspired by space capsules, with the stretched glass dome spanning the front and rear wheels. Buick’s minimalist approach is reflected in the design of the interior and exterior, which features uninterrupted lines and surfaces. Electra has a new ‘Cross GT' proportion, which means the upper part of the vehicle is designed like a luxury sports car and the lower part is designed like an off-road vehicle. Buick’s ‘PURE’ design philosophy is even more visible in the interior. It tries to give passengers a taste of space travel. Instead of a built-up, busy dashboard, the space in front of the driver is open and airy, similar to that of electric cars, in order to maximise space for passengers. Smart surface controls are embedded in the door panels and seats to reduce the need for buttons and switches, while the careful selection of materials creates a pleasant environment. The driver’s controls include facial recognition, voice control, and gesture control. A large curved screen appears to float in front of the driver’s seat. When not in use, the drive-by-wire pedals lay flat and flush with the floor, and the pilot-style yoke steering wheel has handles that contract. When the control unit is in autonomous mode, it retracts completely. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

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