Bull Carrier

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The Bull Carrier concept is a lifting system designed to assist telecom site technicians, or ‘tower dogs’, in managing equipment and tools from the tops of telecom towers. These technicians’ jobs often require them to work in harsh conditions and to lift tools and equipment up towers as tall as 70 meters. In the event of an injury, lowering an injured person is also a difficult and time-consuming process. The Bull Carrier offers better tool and equipment management while reducing work load and enabling faster and safer ascent and descent. It uses a Kog (pin-and-rack-inspired) mechanism for a more controlled mechanism, and the deliver lift is guided by a set of wheels and safety rails to provide stability while in use. The load is secured by a central construction with a protruding holder, and the heavy equipment and/or injured person is lowered using ‘controlled descent’ via motorised braking. Furthermore, the unit comes with a clip-on remote control, allowing workers to control it from a distance. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Industry and Tools

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