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Butterfly is a 3-in-1 flexible aircraft seat that converts instantly between 2-seater, 1-seater lounge, and flatbed modes, allowing airlines to adjust cabin configuration on a flight-by-flight basis to meet changing market demands. Each Butterfly unit is made up of two staggered recliner seats that can be sold as premium economy (on wide-body aircraft) or regional business class (on single-aisle aircraft). Folding down the inboard seat creates a private business class suite for one passenger, complete with a seat and a multi-purpose side couch, while folding down the outboard seat creates a spacious bed that can lie flat diagonally. The unique layout of the Butterfly provides passengers with new ways to enjoy a flight, whether they are traveling alone or with loved ones. Butterfly’s lightweight mechanical actuation (non-motorised) not only saves fuel but also lowers maintenance costs for airlines. Butterfly is a game changer that addresses a wide range of issues in airline operations such as fleet assignment, revenue management, and aircraft reconfiguration. Aircrafts are no longer restricted to a single cabin configuration, allowing for greater utilisation, more efficient operations, and lower ticket prices. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

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