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Canoo is focused on evolving traditional automotive in three ways: a fresh design, capitalising on the unique benefits of electric vehicle (EV) technology to provide vehicles with a maximised, large-SUV interior and a compact overall footprint; a membership model with no hassle and no long-term commitment; and a next-gen business model that generates more revenue over time. It is a minimalist solution that gives members everything they need and nothing they don’t, offering a more spacious and intuitive mobility experience. The canoo is the result of a completely re-engineered vehicle design, eliminating wasted space throughout the vehicle. All the components of an electric powertrain can be neatly contained in a flat ‘skateboard’ chassis underpinning different cabins, or ‘tophats’. The canoo eliminates traditional 3-box compartments (power in the front, people in the middle, stuff in the back) and comes across instead as an urban loft on wheels. While traditional suspension systems intrude into the passenger compartment, the canoo has a composite transverse “leaf spring” suspension that creates a completely flat skateboard, enabling maximum passenger space. A cabin would usually need to be secured to a skateboard for it to drive, but Canoo’s skateboard is a self-contained unit that can drive on its own without any cabin placed on top; all that is needed is somewhere to sit. The canoo holds enough belted seats for seven people but still fits comfortably into small parking spaces or down narrow city streets. All seating inside is designed to feel more like furniture for your home than for your car. The rear seats are more like a sofa and the front seats takes inspiration from mid-century modern chairs. The roof of the vehicle is encased with no fewer than 22 windows, making it open to the light and scenery while still comfortably protected. Instead of the huge grills that have become ubiquitous in automotive, a street-view window provides clear visual on the road immediately. Bucking traditional automotive again, Canoo has chosen a minimalist, bring-your-own screen approach for the user interface to provide its members with an experience comparable to a connected home. This way, the non-driving features such as navigation, music or heating can be controlled via a personal phone or tablet. Aiming to build a better driver assistant, Canoo is one of the first companies to integrate two commonly used technologies – advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring. This combination means that the car sends safety alerts only when needed. Another key innovation Canoo has chosen to embrace is a fully flexible, month-to-month, all-in-one vehicle solution. Traditional car ownership is an expensive hassle and a huge pain point for modern consumers. Canoo will offer a hassle- and commitment-free EV membership for one monthly, affordable price and with no set end date. The membership will include features such as registration, routine maintenance, access to insurance and charging solutions – all from a single, easy-to-use app. Canoo brings the convenience and affordability of the month-to-month subscription model to the car industry, providing consumers with the convenience and value they need. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility & Transportation

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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