Che Pi – Interview with Zuoxiaozuzhou

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This book, with the title “Che Pi”, documents the results of interviews conducted with the Chinese rock star Zuoxiaozuzhou over a period of ten years. The design of the 1028page work focuses on the staging of language. This is done by using a pattern that places the question on one page with the answer featuring on the opposite page. In order to reflect the changes of the sound and speech melody in the sense of a visualisation of speech, the font size varies from page to page. The result is that readers’ perceptions of the questions and answers take on a naturally appealing interplay. At the same time, this kind of presentation puts emphasis on the Chinese characters and the sense of humour they imply. This is also reflected in the design of the cover. Corresponding to the book’s title, “Che Pi”, which in Chinese not only means “to tear off” but also “to chatter”, readers can tear off and throw away the preface that is printed on a paper wrapped around the book – an aspect that is meant to point to the artist’s rebellious character.

Statement by the Jury

Designed in a small format with a black cut, this book adopts the appearance of an elaborately crafted brick. The overall highly exciting design impresses with its structure, featuring the question on the left side of each double page and the answer on the right. The different font sizes automatically refer to the character of the question or the answer.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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