Cognixion One

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Every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Cognixion and STEL set out to build a tool that would enable communication, provide convenience, and provide confidence in a way that no other product on the market could. This concept extends the power to connect with those who need it the most. The design is balanced to minimise fatigue and enable long-duration wear for users who will rely on the device day in and day out. Patent-pending tools and cutting-edge technologies enable faster communication than ever before, and the sleek look and feel gives users unprecedented confidence in connecting with the world around them. Cognixion and STEL set out to create a game-changing piece of technology that works simply, intuitively, and flawlessly without attracting undue attention. The headset was designed from the get-go to empower the user: not only to communicate with clarity and ease, but also to feel independent, capable, and stylish while doing so. The innovative, modern consumer electronics aesthetic of CXN ONE provides the user with a positive self-image and esteem, whether they are communicating directly or conducting day-to-day activities. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Virtual and Augmented Reality

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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