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Commuter:ON 8 LTD

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Urban flexibility

Canyon has always focused its attention on sustainable as well as urban mobility – with a keen interest in transforming them. The Commuter:ON 8 LTD e-city bike was designed as an alternative mobility solution. The particularly slim and agile hybrid bike appeals primarily to commuters as an incentive to switch and thus leave traffic jams and the search for a parking space behind. Featuring a sturdy aluminium frame, it is nevertheless one of the lightest bikes in its class and can easily be carried up a few steps if necessary. Moreover, it is equipped with all the essential features for city use and ensures effortless riding on asphalt. With the aim of creating a bike that is characterised by a clear design language, Canyon has realised a simple, compact appearance for this bike, which comes in two elegant frame variants. The heart of the bike is the Fazua motor. This drive system is lightweight, yet offers high torque and range and takes up minimal space with its compact form factor. It transitions smoothly into the chain stays and down tube, creating flowing lines without disruptive edges or changes in tube thickness or volume. The harmoniously cohesive silhouette of the e-city bike is further enhanced by the cockpit, which is semi-integrated into the head tube, can be adjusted vertically for an ideal fit and – for the first time on a hybrid bike from Canyon – routes the disc brake hoses internally so that only the levers are visible from the outside.

Statement by the Jury

Balanced proportions and a clear, concise language of form are the striking features with which the Commuter:ON 8 LTD catches the eye. The design of the e-city bike succeeds in a convincing way in combining material qualities and functional characteristics in such a way that they result in a light and comfortable bike of high aesthetics and quality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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