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CoreCare combines clinical, behavioural, experiential, and contextual data from patients in their home environment to create an intelligent and adaptive lifestyle coaching ecosystem accessible via smart devices. A digital platform was developed to guide and advise users so that the results of their bariatric surgery are long-lasting, especially since approximately 30% of patients regain significant weight within five years of the operation due to deeply ingrained habits. CoreCare is a concept for a care ecosystem that consists of multiple elements such as activity trackers, connected weighing scales, smart plug sockets, accelerometers, sensors, and even buttons that users can press to indicate they are carrying out certain actions. A conversational UI on the app gathers additional information. On the side of healthcare professionals, a dashboard displays relevant data that facilitates discussion, supports priority setting, and, most importantly, enables (remote) interventions when they are required. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

Red Dot

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