Cortec - Maximizing Solar Park Efficiency

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Cortec solves the problem of the lack of service staff and high maintenance costs in the exponentially growing solar industry. As a result, solar parks could generate up to 40% more energy. Improving solar energy generation not only brings more profit, but every solar park can offset thousands of tons of additional CO2 emissions. The concept offers a holistic approach in this field. The primary component of the autonomous robot is the vehicle base, on which modular tools for various tasks can be docked. Jobs include cleaning, mowing, and error analysis. The cleaning tool was the focus of the project because soiling leads to the most losses and the ongoing process offers enormous potential for cost and resource savings. This tool is placed on the modules by a robot arm and cleans the surfaces with the help of water and brushes. A circular system with a filter ensures tremendous water savings. On a large scale, multiple robots can work in a swarm. Therefore, the project also considered the infrastructure of future solar parks as a complete system. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Energy and Power

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