Red Dot Design Award
Book, Diary

De Correspondent Dankboek

De Correspondent Dankboek | Red Dot Design Award

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In this book, Ernst-Jan Pfauth, the co-founder of the Dutch news platform De Correspondent, shares his conclusions after two years of reading self-help literature. His book contains tips for living a more satisfied life and encourages the habit of appreciating what one has. The layout of the “Dankboek” (book of thanks) is based on a diary, choosing to treat it as a utilitarian object. Removing the dust jacket makes the book easy to carry discreetly. The book’s written content is clearly dis-tinguished from the sections with space for the reader’s own writing by using two colours of paper: aqua and white. The red bookmark shows the reader’s progress and provides a visually appealing contrast from the dark linen binding.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    De Correspondent, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Momkai, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Creative Direction:
    Harald Dunnink Momkai
  • Text:
    Ernst-Jan Pfauth De Correspondent
  • Graphic Design:
    Martijn van Dam Momkai Leon Postma De Correspondent
  • Project Management:
    David van Zeggeren Momkai
De Correspondent Dankboek | Red Dot Design Award