Defecation Nursing Machine

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Defecation Nursing Machine is an intelligent care product designed specifically for the elderly who are unable to care for themselves, as well as other patients who are bedridden or disabled. Defecation Nursing Machine adopts advanced microcomputer control technology and intelligent detection technology to automatically detect the patient’s urine and faeces excretion. Through a vacuum water-gas separation technology, it uses multi-level system processing to achieve automatic cleaning and the drying of faeces and urine. The excellent internal structure design of the machines reduces its size, effectively saving floor space. The design is simple and refreshing, and it blends in with the environment and avoids any conflict with other medical equipment. Through a user journey research, it was discovered that the machine greatly relieves the work of caregivers. This machine aims to provide effective assistance to the elderly and bedridden caregiving problems in general. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Ageing

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