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The DEVOCEAN-LIVER 2000 is a multi-functional liver machine perfusion system that can perform NMP, HOPE, and COPE perfusion modes, as well as provide a technical platform for ex situ machine perfusion (MP), preservation, and recondition. MP is likely to become a significant technology that will improve organ preservation, with the potential to improve graft utilisation. Rather than relying on traditional static cold storage, it can allow for the reconditioning and viability assessment of livers prior to transplantation (SCS). The liver machine perfusion system, which can be controlled in perfusion modes of different temperature, provides pressure and flow-control algorithms in accordance with the liver. The design of the integrated perfusion package and the supporting mobile car design makes the movement more convenient. Moreover, it has an integrated sterile perfusion package with an ex situ liver perfusion and transport function that can extend liver storage time. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Life Science

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