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To meet the higher consumer expectations for fashionable and smart eyewear today, Dr.GRAM adopts human-centered principles to design innovative glasses that are light, comfortable and eco-friendly. Dr.GRAM’s glasses weigh only three grams, which is lighter than a piece of A4 printing paper. They are also flexible and comfortable, which is made possible by employing unique woven hinges that do not require screws or welding. Dr.GRAM eco-friendly eyewear focusses three factors in its design: ensuring the zero loss of titanium material during production, eliminating screws and welding to reduce errors and weight, and simplifying the manufacturing process. On average, 70% of the titanium plate is discarded in traditional eyewear production since titanium plates are not reusable, but Dr.GRAM optimises material use by weaving titanium wires (0.8mm diameter) into wire frames instead of cutting out the frames from titanium plates. Eliminating the need for screws and welding also reduces the risk of failures and defects that would contribute to invisible waste. Lastly, by simplifying the manufacturing process, it allows for better efficiency and productivity in the end-to-end process. Dr.GRAM’s eyewear gains efficiency not only from optimising raw material usage, but also from a 3-stage production method of process isolation. This allows glasses to be manufactured with higher durability while reducing the complexity for repairs. Titanium oxide films are then used to apply various colours to different parts of the glasses. These parts can be assembled to create customised eyewear. Without using chemical dye, the colours are applied to titanium using an electric current that generates an oxide film on the surface. Oxide films, unlike typical colour coating technology, help preserve the density and sturdiness of the eyewear structure, and has a more negligible impact on the environment. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Fashion & Accessories

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