E-YES Amblyopia Trainer

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E-YES is a game-based amblyopia aid that corrects amblyopia in children through exploration and vision training. It is a child-friendly alternative to traditional amblyopia trainers. AR transparencies are installed in both lenses of the device, which is designed to look like a pair of binoculars. It provides a fun way for the child to explore their environment while the aid performs vision exercises and dedicated eye muscle training. As a small ball rolls through the maze, the child’s eyes will automatically follow and focus. When the eye switches between near and far objects, the ciliary muscles in the eye are exercised. E-YES can also be combined with colour training, zoom training, and other difficulty adjustment modules to train the child’s eyes in focusing. In addition, parents can use the vision test panel to conduct regular vision testing for their child, which can help detect problems that require early treatment. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Childhood

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