F 015 Luxury in Motion

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Autonomous driving will become a fact of life because it offers relief to drivers in tedious driving situations. This time gained in the car will take on a completely new quality. The F 015 Luxury in Motion is the answer to all questions of future mobility. Its digital interior takes in-car comfort to a new level, while the car maintains a continuous exchange of information between vehicle, passengers and the outside world. The F 015 Luxury in Motion identifies its owner or authorised user via a smartphone or wearable device. Once authenticated, the saloon-type doors open automatically and the seats swivel into an easy-entry position. Inside, six display screens are smoothly integrated into the dashboard, the rear and the side panels. Passengers can interact intuitively with the connected vehicle through gestures, eye-tracking or by touching the high-resolution screens. The primary feature of the innovative interior concept is the variable seating system, with four lounge chairs that can pivot to create a face-to-face layout. 360-degree visual information is communicated via the main widescreen on the digital dashboard, a head-up display in the windshield area and touch-sensitive screens runs across the entire width of the door panels. Route planning, music selection, images, contacts and many other functions can be operated via touch control and displayed along the sides and rear. The roads are a shared space for people and vehicles. When designing the F 015, the focus was thus not only on providing optimum support for the passengers on the inside, but also on creating added value for those around it. Equipped an "Extended Sense" sensor system, the F 015 keeps a constant eye on its surroundings, interprets what it sees and takes action at any time. This perceptual and interpretive capability makes the F 015 an intelligent partner for people in urban traffic. The F 015 builds trust between the driver and pedestrian by communicating with its surroundings, both visually and acoustically. For instance, the large LED display in the rear may show short messages for the traffic behind and a front-facing laser projection may show a virtual crosswalk; acoustic communication may take the form of sounds and voice prompts. The F 015 uses coloured lights to indicate its current driving mode – blue for autonomous and white for manual. If a pedestrian is standing directly behind or in front of the car, an undulating tracking light moves across the display in sync with the pedestrian’s movement as though to say, “I’ve seen you.”

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