Fingertip Temperature

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The visually impaired are a group of people that needs more care in their everyday lives. Since their sense of security and well-being are guaranteed by small details, when handling boiling or hot water, even a small movement may accidentally cause a traumatic accident. The visually impaired usually gauge the level of water in a cup via their sense of touch, however, this is difficult to do with hot water. Fingertip Temperature is a mug concept that allows them to gauge the level of hot water by placing a thumb on the top joint of the handle. An opening is created where this joint is located (on the inside of the cup), so that when hot water reaches the opening, it seeps through the handle and creates warmth near the thumb. The warmth signals to the user to stop adding water to the cup. A groove is also created on the handle where it gets warm to allow the visually impaired to find this feature easily by touch. This cleverly designed cup ensures that adding water is always a safe process for the visually impaired. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Ageing

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