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The young Norwegian company Austevoll Seaweed Farm, which was founded by Christian and Edvin Andre Skår, is dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of seaweed. Seaweed is classified as a so-called superfood and thrives particularly well in the deep cold sea off the coast of the island municipality of Austevoll in western Norway. There it is harvested in the traditional way and sold under the brand name “Flyt” and with the claim “Gourmet Norwegian Seaweed” to restaurants and delicatessens all over the world. A cooperation with the Norwegian top chef Ørjan Johannessen, who is not only a co-owner of the company but also its chief product developer, ensures the high visibility and credibility of the brand both on the market and among gourmet enthusiasts. The brand name, Flyt, means “flowing” or “floating” in Norwegian. The logo is reduced to the word Flyt in capital letters, with each letter differently balanced to add depth to the logo. The letters are generously spaced to give the impression of outward flowing movement, while the strong brand colours, which are based on the natural colours of seaweed, algae and tang, are always used in combination with white surfaces. The visual language is characterised by organically formed symbols. Inspired by the appearance of algae as well as by Japanese calligraphy, they have been created using a specially developed generator. These symbols serve to clearly identify each individual product and form the basis of the entire visual appearance. In addition, they also appear embossed in the company’s own paper fabric and on all packaging etc., which both adds a tactile component to the brand image and ensures a high degree of recognition of the brand and its products. The symbols can be scanned with the Flyt app to get information on the individual product, the harvest, the people behind the company and its products, as well as recipes. This gives the brand an additional communicative dimension in order to strengthen the commitment of the target group to the product.

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