Fussy Refillable Deodorant

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Fussy Refillable Deodorant is made from natural ingredients and inspired by natural forms, the product lies flat and more closely resembles a bar of soap that blends into its environment. The casing is made of a single material and has been designed to last a long time, with thicker walls and a robust actuator mechanism. Moreover, it is made of recycled plastic, which is both durable and recyclable. Refills are made from waste sugarcane and intuitively top-loading. The Fussy Refillable Deodorant presents a product ecosystem built around the refillable deodorant and its compostable refills. The Deo Dish is used to store the deodorant casing and the refills. The object can neatly house two refills, keeping them safe, dry, and easily accessible. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Packaging | Concept

Red Dot

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