Genesis Wireless EV Charging System

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Genesis Wireless EV Charging System improves charging convenience and enhances the user experience with electric vehicles. It employs a Power Supply (PCS) that transfers power, controls charging, and displays the charging status, as well as a Base Pad with embedded electric cord that creates a magnetic field to supply power. Brand identity elements such as the plaid pattern, two-line module, ambient lighting, and painting colour contribute to the brand’s integrated visual image. Decoration is kept to a minimum. By eliminating the use of a plastic mould and replacing it with a metal plate cutting method, the manufacturing process is simplified and made more eco-friendly. The overall height of the PCS, as well as the location of the indicator, were designed so that the user can observe the charging process while in parking mode from the driver’s seat. A round indicator in the upper right corner of the PCS displays the state of the charger and the charging process using colours and animation. Finally, outlets on both sides of the PCS allow heat generated inside to easily escape. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Energy and Power

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