Gmigo One

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Gmigo is an innovative and environmentally friendly modular electric scooter that can be transformed to meet the needs of various usage scenarios. Its unique frame plug-in (disconnecting-connecting) structure allows for the substitution of various modular components. The goal is to maximise transportation variety while using the fewest resources possible. Gmigo’s simple design perfectly combines aesthetics and efficiency. The scooter’s folded volume is reduced by an easily detachable hub, while the magnesium alloy die-cast body lightens the load. The scooter is designed using 3C digital technology criteria, resulting in smooth and soft lines as well as elegant geometric figures that make it appear more concise, clean, and futuristic. All wiring, harnesses, and belt transmissions are hidden. Furthermore, because it folds, the scooter is easy to transport and store. Both the ternary lithium battery and the magnesium alloy body are easy to recycle. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Mobility and Transportation

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