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Go Walk is a modularised dog mobility assistive equipment that reduces the burden on mobility for dogs with joint issues. Joint problems are irreversible and the dog will require surgery or assistive equipment to walk. However, existing assistive equipment that can be customised to size and symptoms tend to be very expensive and complicated to produce. Go Walk has a modular design that integrates all the needs of a dog that has joint issues. It provides three sizes of assistive clothing and is divided into upper and lower pieces, allowing it to be adjusted to fit every dog to achieve the maximum assistive effect. To strengthen the support, the upper piece has a cartilage structure. A joint protector is used at the initial phase of joint deterioration to reduce pain and slow down wear and tear. If the dog’s limbs become progressively weaker, the modular design includes accessories, such as an extra strap or the wheelchair component, that can be attached to provide extra support. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Flora and Fauna

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