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The value of a kiwifruit is determined by the technical measurement of dry matter content at harvest, with consumers preferring higher dry matter fruit. As such, paying close attention to dry matter measurement can greatly affect an orchard’s income. However, current test options for growers are expensive, time consuming and inconvenient.   Harvest Manager uses NIR spectroscopy to determine the dry matter of kiwifruit in less than 1 second. This non-destructive testing method provides immediate results to aid harvest decisions. While the technology is not new, other versions of similar testers are designed for general use across all fruit types and tend to be heavy and pay little attention to ergonomics and user comfort. Harvest Manager is designed specifically for kiwifruit testing and is ergonomically designed and lightweight to prevent muscle fatigue after prolonged use.   Harvest Manager, is also designed to make the scanning process as efficient as possible, allowing data to be sent to smart devices via Bluetooth or USB, to directly aid decision-making by orchard managers. An e-ink screen eliminates glare and batteries can be charged on-the-go via USB. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Flora & Fauna

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