Heavy Shunting Locomotive TEM8A

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Heavy Shunting Locomotive TEM8A is designed based on a serial diesel locomotive TEM7A, produced in Russia. Its distinctive features are a centrally positioned driver's cab and divided hoods, now located on both sides of the cab. This solution significantly increases the glazing area and improves visibility from the driver's seat. TEM8A improves safety on the railways to facilitate the work of machinists and repair teams. The modern appearance also forms a new and modern understanding of work on the railway. Diesel generator set, generator, cooling unit, air and oil filtration system are located in the first hood. A high-voltage chamber, a central ventilation system, a rheostat brake and motor-compressors are located in the second hood. Servicing of the units located in the hoods is possible on both sides. A wide platform with starboard simplifies inspection and minor repairs, with the possibility of raising the left platform. A safety fence, when lifted, blocks the braking system and immobilises the locomotive. In case of an emergency, manual control is an option. This solution also reduces noise and vibration levels in the cabin and improves temperature performance in Winter and Summer. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility

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