High-Performance, Single-Use Endoscopy

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Zsquare develops a high-performance, single-use endoscopic platform providing high-resolution imaging using ultra-thin optical fibres. This uniquely modular platform is based on a unique design that houses the optics in a detachable single-use shell, and the electronics in a reusable imaging core and patented square fibres that lend themselves to a limitless range of treatment indications. In addition to dramatically reducing the optical component’s diameter without compromising resolution, this two-part endoscope design allows the same imaging core to be used while switching indication-specific shells that are purpose-made for ENT, bronchoscopy, duodenoscopy, urology, gynaecology, and more. The shell specification is enabled by its distinctive square fibres, which enable a building-block style modularity. Starting with a single 0.2mm imaging fibre for use in ENT, Bronchoscopy and Gynaecology, additional medical indications such as duodenoscopy, urology and arthroscopy can be addressed as more fibres are bundled in. Moreover, the ultra-thin fibre enables flexible access to formerly unreachable anatomical sites without compromising image quality. The only change occurs on the level of shell specification for each new indication. Lastly, while reusable endoscopes are often inadequately sterilised, resulting in the widespread problem of cross-contamination, the Zsquare platform relies on single-use shells that put an end to the risk of infection. The benefits are dramatic and include better patient outcomes, significant savings for healthcare systems, enhanced usability and diagnosis quality, and wider availability and democratisation of endoscopic procedures. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Life Science

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