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Hovering Art Director

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This ad campaign was created to promote the integration of Adobe Stock into Adobe Creative Cloud, highlighting the new features and possibilities. The campaign centres on a “Hovering Art Director”, a consciously stereotypically sketched figure hovering over a designer and giving him a hard time now and again with a sheer endless stream of ideas. The advertising video of the campaign is a parody of such an allegedly typical scene in the everyday work life of an ad designer. The art director is shown standing behind a designer sitting at the computer and, despite time pressure shortly before the deadline, continuously coming up with minute improvements for an image motif intended to advertise a fictitious ginger beer brand. Thanks to Adobe Stock and his skills in using Photoshop, the ad designer manages to keep up and quickly realises the director’s every single wish, no matter how absurd it is, delivering an outstanding result in the end. In an entertaining manner, the short video thus conveys that the integration of Adobe Stock in Creative Cloud will make the work of ad designers much easier in future.

Statement by the Jury

This advertising campaign for Adobe Stock is well thought-out, skilfully executed and works excellently. The short advertising film is humorous, extremely entertaining and of perfect length. Through the miraculously overprinted but nevertheless familiar-looking figures and situations, it creates identification and, at the same time, clearly illustrates the usefulness of the product for the working day of the target group.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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