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HPS-Cell is more than just a proposal for an electric platform; it is a specific maintenance service plan for urban hubs in preparation for a future in which mobility will be fully automated. Furthermore, it is a system that can be used to effectively respond to mobility concepts. Depending on the shape of the pod, the product can become various mobility vehicles or serve as a system that can expand mobility into the service field. If a user with a personal pod needs to move, they can summon a powertrain platform HPS-Cell to the desired location. The platform can also be transferred to another user who has a pod of a different shape and size. This has the potential to simplify and lighten the complicated automobile manufacturing and selling system. HPS-Cell will provide functions such as demand forecasting as well as supply and traffic monitoring. Multiple sensors enable it to monitor real-time tread wear and road conditions, self-manage batteries, calculate mileage, respond to risks caused by wear-and-tear, and change tread patterns based on road conditions. All of this is made possible by the one-touch movable wheels and optimised tread-replacement infrastructure. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

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