IconiQ Wet & Dry Shaver

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For the modern gentleman

Individual preferences and habits play a crucial role in the choice of a shaver, since the act of shaving is also an expression of the user’s personal sense of style. The IconiQ Wet & Dry Shaver is marked by a timeless design appearance that also reflects the traditional culture of wet shaving. This shaver is designed for the target group of modern men who enjoy a smooth shaving experience. Conceived as a compact electric three-head shaver, it impresses with soft proportions that rest perfectly balanced in the hand and lend it a distinctive retro-futuristic look. Its design establishes an innovative bridge between traditional shaving and new technologies, as it also integrates a wireless charging plate that neatly charges the device as well as compatible mobile phones thanks to Qi technology. An-other convenient feature is that the shaver, cleansing brush and trimmer can connect using the intuitive SmartClick. This limited edition shaver makes use of premium-quality materials. It boasts an aluminium machined power switch and visually enticing ceramic black body paint enhanced by warm metallic rose gold accents. The IconiQ Wet & Dry Shaver appeals to the emotions and is an elegant eye-catcher in the bathroom – it enriches the daily act of shaving with the experience of good design.

Statement by the Jury

Inspired by the traditional shaving brush, the IconiQ Wet & Dry Shaver emerged with a form representing consistently contemporary design advancement. Following an innovative approach, it perfectly covers all aspects of shaving. Featuring excellent ergonomics, the shaver rests well in the hand and fascinates with its premium quality. Another aspect of its sophisticated functionality is that it lends itself easily to both left- and right-handed use.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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