IFEA Camera Mobilephone

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IFEA is designed to equip smartphones with a detachable front camera. It is an attempt to build a new photography system that is separate from the mobile phone. IFEA integrates enhanced user-friendly shooting features with the smartphone. With IFEA, users can create and record images and videos anytime and anywhere. The camera module is a separate device that brings to life an innovative multi-angle shooting capability. Users can also control the device through voice commands. This is both interactive and intuitive. The over form is comfortable and also increases the grip. IFEA has multiple accessories and support mechanisms with different modes to increase stability and storage. As a result, videos can be captured while walking or during sports, without any compromise to the visual stability. The device can be used seamlessly with the smartphone’s original camera. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Communication Technology

Red Dot

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