Illusional Fashion In Motion

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Illusional Fashion in Motion is a dress design inspired by the colour-changing mechanism of chameleons. The nanocrystalline characteristic of the dress material adjusts to change the refraction of light, and as a result, the colour of the skin. Dynamic digital colour has made it possible for us to create environmentally-adaptable clothing colours as well as colours that create visual illusions. This design work is directly 3D-printed on the fabric, breaking through the limitation of colour ranges in traditional clothing that include static colour effects and dye effects. At the same time, it reduces fabric waste. By combining art and technology, Illusional Fashion In Motion explores colour changes in motion, aiming to digitise colour design and develop dynamic clothing colours that achieve a more convincing appearance, thus adding more possibilities to the fashion industry. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Fashion and Accessories

Red Dot

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