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ILY-I is an interactive furniture mobile designed to enhance movements indoors. Electric wheelchairs that exist today are not always the best match for interior spaces and often limit people with disabilities. The objective is to create a personal, furniture-like mobility solution that everyone – all generations and genders – wishes to use. ILY-I is something more than a mode of transport; it is an interactive device establishes a new relationship between people and mobility in the lifestyles of the future. It is a stylish life-aid designed for all – youths, seniors, and those hesitant to use nursing care and welfare equipment. The designers found a way to box in all the elements of transportation tools that do not blend well with an interior space. For example, under normal usage, all wheels are concealed and the controller is designed like a part of the armrest, making it easy to move, turn, rotate and stop. At the same time, the movement functions have been enriched as well. ILY-I enables pivot rotation for moving around tidy spaces, but it is also equipped with sensors that alert users of approaching obstacles. In modern lifestyles, even as technology continues to advance, people are still somewhat not at ease with humanoid robots. As such, the designers decided to incorporate intelligent features into familiar domestic furniture to propose a new lifestyle. Hi-tech features such as sensors on both sides of the ILY-I are also given human-like features for a warmer aesthetic, and sensors activate the interactive lights from the inside so that the chair glows when users are passing by or approaching each other. ILY-I is an intelligent furniture mobile that one would want around for company.

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