International Festival Network Of Theatre For Young Audiences

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This international festival is a collaborative effort of twenty children’s theatre festivals from around the world, including China and Denmark. The visual design for the festival is inspired by both the Chinese opera headpiece and the Elizabethan ruff collar of Renaissance theatres. The reference for the Chinese headdress is specifically taken from the classic Peking opera Farewell My Concubine, and the ruff collar is a clothing accessory commonly worn as a symbol of aristocracy in the European Renaissance. The visual design extracts, abstracts, and cleverly combines the red sphere of the Chinese opera headdress and eight continuous ruff collar pleats. It symbolises the themes of cooperation, resource sharing, and cultural integration. The use of red and blue enhances the contrast and makes the design easily identifiable and memorable. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Visual Communication

Red Dot

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