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Kaspersky is an international cybersecurity company founded in Russia in 1997 by Natalja Kasperskaya and Yevgeny Kaspersky. The company uses deep threat intelligence and security expertise to develop solutions that protect critical infrastructures of businesses and governments, as well as consumers around the globe. As of today, Kaspersky is more than an anti-virus laboratory. The business focus has moved towards a much broader concept – namely that of cyber immunity. This shift in focus made it necessary to redesign and reposition the entire brand, with “Building a safer world” aimed at epitomising the corporate goal. In future, security technology should also be associated with humanity, transparency, warmth and generosity. The identity system was reformed to express this new focus by simultaneously steering the brand away from the dystopian imagery otherwise typical of the industry. This repositioning is reflected in the new core principle: “Engineered for immunity”, with the word “engineered” referring to Kaspersky’s high level of technical expertise in the field of cybersecurity. To reflect this deep knowledge and focus in the design, the typeface Kaspersky Sans was developed, a typeface that alternates open and closed characters in a geometric, mathematically exact format. A grid system creates highly structured layouts. Furthermore, the word “immunity” was sparked by the idea that, rather than dark and fearful, internet security should inspire a sense of freedom and safety. This aspect is visualised through the use of variable hexagonal surfaces, so-called safe spaces, which are shielded from the outside by bright colours. These elements are combined with an emotional imagery and slogans such as “Make friends safely”. This new brand identity system, which has been revised down to the last detail, combines technical and human aspects and, in so doing, clearly communicates that the Kaspersky brand is not taking advantage of the fears of its customers, but instead wants to stand for security, as well as openness and trust.

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