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The era of autonomous driving powered by AI is expected to come sooner rather than later. Kiriko Effect demonstrates a more sophisticated means of interaction and communication between the AI of vehicles. By employing a transparent plastic material, this can be achieved through subtle emotional lighting effects. Conceptually, Kiriko Effect takes inspiration from Kiriko, a traditional Japanese glass craft that showcases the detailed craftsmanship of artisans who create emotionally stimulating sophisticated handiwork. Kiriko Artisans carve out wine glasses or vases with a knife, producing cut glass patterns that reflect light beautifully, and in the process transforming glassware into highly upscale items with stunning patterns. LOTTE CHEMICAL successfully recreated the Kiriko Effect in a transparent plastic crystal knob. This is complemented by metal deposits, which maximises the shine effect and highlights the plastic’s transparency. These elements come together magically when lighting is turned on and the rotating refracted light patterns further accentuate the delicate expression of lighting. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials & Surfaces

Red Dot

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