Little Hoppa

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Many children’s toys on the market are unsightly, bulky, not designed to last and non-renewable. They take up space when not in use and become trash when children quickly outgrow them. To address the issue of mileage, by Sofie created Little Hoppa, a 3-in-1 children’s play gym, jumper and activity table. This durable, innovative and multi-activity toy transforms and adapts with children as they grow (from birth to 4 years’ old). Little Hoppa also looks beautiful enough to be a design object in its own right and parents would be proud to keep it on display. Channelling a minimalist look, most parts of Little Hoppa are constructed with wood, metal, natural rubber and cotton, making it is easy to clean and recycle. Additionally, its simple nut-and-bolt fit makes it incredibly simple to put each stage together; most parts are also reused in each stage. Little Hoppa starts life as a play gym, creating a unique sensory experience from birth to 6 months. The sturdy wooden frame can be slotted together with just 6 bolts, standing like a strong mountain that is ready for an adventure. It can either be used by newborns for tummy time, or babies can be laid on the machine-washable cotton mat to play with the interactive hanging toys. The set comes with a range of stimulating textured and patterned toys that hang from the frame with a toggle. There are also additional slots to which parents can attach their baby’s favourite toys.   When little ones start to pull themselves up and move around, the frame transforms into a jumper toy. Perfect for children ages 6 - 24 months, it inverts to hold a height-adjustable bouncer seat, encouraging them to balance, stand and explore. This stage also comes with a machine-washable cotton seat panel as well as an easy-to-clean rubber teether, wooden bear and interactive spinner toy to boost curiosity. The whole experience can be fully personalised with a range of removable toys, accessories and cotton seat panels in different fabric patterns.   The final stage has been created for the toddler and pre-school years. A wooden table top slots into the existing frame, turning it into an activity table with a central mountain shape. The table top is dual-sided: younger children can use the built-in road, storytelling forms and interactive toys for imaginative play, while older children will enjoy drawing or reading using the flat side of the table. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Childhood

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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