.lumen - Glasses for the Blind

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The .lumen glasses aim to empower blind people with more mobility. Despite technological advancements, the white cane and the guide dog remain the only two options for assisting the blind in their mobility. The guide dog is universally regarded as beneficial, but it still requires care and training, which can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000. Current statistics show that there are only 28,000 guide dogs for every 40 million blind people. .lumen glasses are developed in the hopes of providing a solution that will bring the same benefits as a guide dog, but in a scalable packageā€”a solution for the remaining 39,980,000 blind people who do not benefit from a mobility guide. To guide a blind individual in the same way that a guide dog does, .lumen glasses employ the latest robotics and autonomous driving technologies scaled down to the level of a wearable headset. You can, for example, ask the glasses to take you to a specific point of interest or to bring you home, and they will do so. Rather than leading with the hand, as a guide dog does, the .lumen system guides from the head, thanks to an in-house developed intuitive haptics and auditory feedback mechanism. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Communication Technology

Red Dot: Luminary

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