Magnetic Fluid Demonstration Device

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It is critical to disseminate scientific knowledge to youths and the general public, but more abstract scientific knowledge can be difficult to grasp. By controlling the cholesteric-nematic transition induced by the magnetic field of magnetic liquid, the Magnetic Fluid Demonstration Device is capable of real-time music demonstration, intelligent voice interaction, and facial expression interaction. This highly interactive approach to scientific demonstration improves the user experience and encourages participation. The design combines art and science to popularise the scientific knowledge of cholesteric-nematic transition induced by a magnetic field. The ‘visualisation’ of a magnetic field, cymatics, electromagnetism, and other principles improves scientific understanding, enables people to experience the mystery of science and the charm of art, opens the door of exploration, and plants the seed of creativity. At the same time, the high artistic and interactive value of the magnetic liquid demonstrator gives it a greater potential to popularise science, allowing it to accurately and vividly demonstrate scientific principles and build a bridge between the general public and the frontier of science. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Education

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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