Mainz State Theatre Season Programme 2017/2018

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The Staatstheater Mainz (Mainz State Theatre) wants to actively involve the audience in its world of ideas with its productions. Designed in a compact format, the 2017/2018 season programme wants to offer not only clearly structured information on all premieres and revivals, but also feature subjects for debate that transcend the realm of theatre. This is already made clear on the cover of the publication. A series of “aphorisms” are intended to invite critical thought and discourse. Serving as optical and topical brackets, individual quotes – each filling an entire page and set in white lettering on a black page – are purposefully striking in terms of both form and content. The layout is complemented by colour photographs of the artists and productions. By means of integrated trigger images, the season programme also offers interactive engagement, as these images provide direct access via an app to trailers featuring the theatre’s activities. The season programme is supplemented by a booklet targeted specifically at a young audience, as well as two flyers.

Statement by the Jury

The season programme 2017/2018 of Staatstheater Mainz impresses with a good interplay of large, photographic double pages with text. The appealing format of the season programme also manages to encourage people to go to the theatre. The use of typography and layout featuring different fonts, which harmonise perfectly with one another, embodies a consistent solution.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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