Massage Prosthesis

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After a long period of use, common prosthetics can become very sore, itchy, and uncomfortable. It is also difficult to remove a prosthetic leg. Massage Prosthesis is a prosthetic limb that massages the limb. Powerful vibrations are applied to relieve muscle pain and itching after using the artificial limb for a long time, greatly improving the user experience of the artificial limb. It is equipped with six massage rotating heads that cover a larger area of the leg and offer a wide range of massage modes. Massage Prosthesis provides users with improved comfort and fit thanks to its conical design and soft material. The main component of the prosthesis also has an ergonomic and labour-saving structure. For regular maintenance, simply twist the two screws to release the inner layer of the prosthesis to clean it. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Bionics

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