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MegaStar | Red Dot Design Award

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As MegaStar is a popular ice-cream brand from the retailer Migros on the Swiss market, the redesign sets out to refresh the brand by lending it a new identity and premium-quality image. Another target has been to clearly differentiate the 20 different flavours composing the range. The design kept and improved on existing elements in the new packaging, including the broken chocolate pieces and the coloured background. The concept thus has lent an overall tasteful ambience to the pack, without losing simplicity and understanding of the flavour.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Midor AG, Meilen, Switzerland
  • Design:
    ARD Design Switzerland, Vevey, Switzerland
  • Art Direction:
    Alexandre Guignard
  • Design Team:
    Dylan Abt Micaël Rochat